A new year’s resolution

I have been drawing letters for a year now. I did different experiments, discovered calligraphy but I wanted to go a bit further. Yesterday I saw a video from Lynda.com with Jessica Hische where she explained how she used to do side projects to practice her skills but also get a bit of visibility. And I realized that this could also be a good idea for me.

Actually, in January, I am going to attend a workshop given by Jessica in Berlin to learn how to draw letters. I am really excited about this workshop. And thinking about it, I decided it would be a good idea to have a project this year where I could practice drawing letters. So, as there are 26 letters in the alphabet and 52 weeks during a year, I thought I could do something with that, right ?

Last year I tried a Project 365 which is about taking a picture a day for 365 days. That was tough. Too tough for me. I lasted almost 80 days, then fell behind and eventually abandonned the project…but even if I failed I learned a lot about photography and I really do believe that practicing continously like that is the best way to learn.

So why not do the same with drawing letters ? 1 letter every 2 weeks. But instead of just posting one letter every 2 weeks, I would post the best attempts to draw these letters (for example, I am going to start with the “A”, within the 2 coming weeks, I will only post drawings or designs of the letter “A”). And posting them on a blog would put me under a little pressure to post something every two weeks and practice regularly.

I am also thinking about sharing some thoughts about what I do during the year, putting comments on some drawings for example. But I am not sure yet. The idea just came yesterday! What I know right now is that I am really motivated to do this project. I really want to learn more typography and lettering. And I really want to draw more. Some shots will be sketches, some may be vectorized. We will see. I also have to design a custom header for this blog. Some script lettering should be perfect :)

The challenge will start later this week and will last until the end of 2013. If you want to get news from my project, just follow it on Tumblr or via RSS feed or via my Twitter account.

Ok. So I think now it’s time to start drawing no ?